ABOUT Marta’s Plant-Based Kitchen

I share wholesome, plant-based and vegan recipes using our comfort food recipes.

I have started this blog in May 2018, because:

♥ I want to help more and more people to transition to a plant-based diet because as somebody who has ‘been there, done that’ – I know it can be HARD, especially if you want to make your family (adult and/ or baby) eat it as well.

♥ I will keep it simple… Cook familiar, comfort food recipes you probably grew up with, and within a budget (yep… I’m in need of some savings too) – I know that this will be a whole lot easier for everyone in your family, including you.

♥  I want to leave some food love. Someday I will not be here and this blog is a piece of me that will stay here forever. 💕💕💕

Note that this is my learning process, I will be sharing what I learn and all the recipes I am cooking for my family of 4.

I separated the process into 2 phases:

– On our 1st phase you will find normal vegan recipes;

– Our 2nd phase you will find whole-food plant-based recipes, no salt, sugar,  or oils; with minimally processed ingredients.

When trying to transitioning to any phase, try using less and less of the ingredient you want to remove, until everyone becomes used to the new diet*.

*(For example, the man in the house, looooves meat, so this one is going to be difficult, I have to add more and more vegetables; add a vegan meal or two during the weekend and, reduce the salt intake in most meals… takes a lot of work… but I believe that will pay off in the long term – seeing them healthier is my prize).

All of my vegan recipes are free, and if you love a recipe here, cook it and share it with your favourite person, because in the end, this blog is about Food Love.😍💋

Make sure to signup for my email list on your right side. ➡➡

|♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥|


Hi there!

I’m Marta! I’m 38 years old, I’m from Lisbon-Portugal, living in London, and I have 2 beautiful daughters.

♥  In 2011, my bowel twisted, so had an urgency surgery to straighten it up; In 2016, had a second surgery due to abdominal adhesions from the 1st surgery (this one I was 19 weeks pregnant… scary, I know). Once my baby was born I had post-natal depression, finding it out when my baby was already 1-year-old. I was crying every time because I was exhausted and my weight was very low, I looked at myself and all I saw was bones. A documentary about PND named When The Bough Breaks changed my life…

I didn’t want to get to a point where I didn’t know who I was…

♥  So, I went to see a therapist, started doing some daily exercises and made changes to my diet.

And that’s when my passion for healthy foods and a healthier lifestyle kicked in… 

♥ I started seeing movies like Fork over Knives, What the Health, Cooked, and many others, that helped me to make the decision to start a Whole Food, Plant-Based, No Oil, No Salt and No Sugar Diet as recommended by doctors such as Dr. Greger – Nutritionfacts.org, all to manage this problem and keep me away from the hospital.

I even noticed that the recurrent Candidiasis crises I used to have were completely gone.

The food…

♥ Being used to comfort foods, burgers, and pizzas, I started to struggle to eat a WFPB and to make my family eat it as well. So I got a bit more relaxed and started to make small changes in the recipes instead, like, taking a bit of salt, sugar and, oil from my recipes… and then, substitute them completely. They don’t even notice. Eheh…

This blog is my learning process on how to cook with WFPB ingredients. I know I still have a lot to learn. 

♥ My focus will be on Comfort Foods that everyone loves, but with plant-based ingredients instead.. so more healthy but still delicious.

♥ Since I am natural from Portugal, there will be a lot of traditional Portuguese recipes in here. Using the 2 phased process I show above.

|♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥|


♥ I am a fighter, a complainer… don’t take me wrong, is for the best of the ones I love.

♥  My love for cooking started when I was 11 years old… I remember my first omelet, was pitch-black.

♥ I loved to see my grandma cook, she was an amazing cooky.

|♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥|


♥  I am certified in NCFE Level 2 Nutrition and Health in the UK.

♥  Looking at the Plant-Based Nutritional Certificate from E-Cornell Online University.

♥ I am a self-learner and fully committed to learning more about the impact that food has on our body.

|♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥|


♥ I am not perfect and sadly I do cheat sometimes. But always opt for the vegan option, yes unfortunately vegan food can also be unhealthy. A one-off doesn’t do any harm from time to time, as long as you do not make it as a frequent thing.

♥ I believe this diet will help you prevent diseases with the food you eat, instead of treating illnesses because of the food you eat.

|♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥ |♥|


♥ I want to have my own cookbook, having all my favourite recipes on hand ready to be used it’s a must. I’m an old-fashioned gal, I prefer books. 📖🔖

♥ After that who knows… I may launch some weekly or monthly meal-plans for moms, more cookbooks, workshops to meet you guys (moms&babies), give some free show-cooking, all to help you and your family to Eat Well, Feel Stronger and Fight Disease, one bite at a time.

♥ I hope that with all the above I’m able to work from home and support my family including my now baby Júlia.

With all my heart,



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